Saturday, 11 December 2010


Two weeks ago our neighbour gave us some flowers and
an invitation to her church christmas celebration :) We can't make it to the celebration as it's on a Sunday but the flowers oh i love!
Have yet to ask her the name of the flowers coz i like it so much!
It lasted long too :D Nice to have flowers in the house once in a while.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Nathan & Elmo Book

Nathan was reading his Elmo book and i came in his room and played with the camera :)


Snack time

Snack time can sometimes be quite stressing as I have to think of what to serve the boys.
It can't be the same thing too often and so have to be creative :P
So this time i served basically the same biscuits but i put it on a plate and it looked like a biscuit platter haha :D and it worked! They were so happy and it kept them occupied for a while :)

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Apek Michael's Visit

Apek means uncle in chinese :)
So Zech & Nathan's Apek came for a couple of days to Sydney from Perth.
The boys had so much fun with apek, playing and spending time with him!
Here are some pics of what they did :D

On the way to brunch @ Rhodes

Apek teaching Zech to use the chopticks

Ahh...this is better :P

Yummy tau fu fa (actually not sweet enough :P)

Nathan :)

Apek Michael & Zech

Back with Apek :D
A workout for apek indeed!

all smiles!

@ top ryde shopping centre

chatting & eating

I like this pic!

Thanks apek for stopping by! The boys had so much fun with you!
See you soon eh :)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


George finally arrived :) Nathan kinda likes Curious George,
i say kinda coz he tends to change to toy story
or whatever his brother likes :P But I prefer him liking Curious George
rather than toy story as Curious George is more age appropriate for him :D
I was searching for a more look alike but was kinda hard
so just could find this one which looks ok and most importantly
Nathan could recognize him as 'George' :)
Here are some pics of their first time meeting each other :D

Checking out 'George' :)

First night together

Next morning, eating cereal together.

Feeding George

Smile :)

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Meeting Spiderman

Spiderman dropped by at the mall on Saturday :) All excited to meet him
but when we actually got to meet him Nathan was scared and
Zech was shy/kinda scared (don't know why :P).
So it was just a meet & greet so Zech shaked his hands and
then a photo with spiderman. The one and only photo we took,
Zech had his eyes closed..hehe but he didnt want to take another :P

Till we meet again spiderman, a better photo next time! :D

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Nathan's visit to the hair salon

The day before Nathan's birthday he went to the hair salon to get his haircut :)
It's his first visit and before this mummy was his personal hairdresser :P
But for his birthday i just couldn't take the risk of doing it myself hehe :D
So he just sat still the whole time which was quite funny to watch!

Yay! I did it :D
(manage to sit still)